Benefits of garment POS software

Barcode generation

Scan quickly and accurately with our garment software to reduce the checkout time and make more sales in less time

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Real-time tracking

Track items based on different categories and combinations like size, color, material and brand upto their lowest level with our garment retail software

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Timely decisions on the go

Make timely inventory replenishment based on reports like fast-selling items, seasonal items, and most preferred

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Super fast billing

Manage peak hours, crowded stores and festive seasons efficiently with the fastest garment billing software

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Insightful reports

Track product margins, pricing, schemes, and discounts with our garment billing software to get better deals from suppliers or vendors

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Loyalty and membership

Create loyalty cards based on your own format or even sell them as a membership card with garment shop management software

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Order management

With garment software manage every operation, from accepting an order to dispatching it to your customer without hassles

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E-commerce integrations

Find the best online integrations to expand and survive in a competitive market

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Do you have a large business?

Need a customer success partner to provide the right solution, deployment and personalised service?

You need Gofrugal ERP, the best software for garment shops

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Garment billing software for small, mid and large business

All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

Garment billing software for small, mid and large business

Implement OnPremise ERP in-house and run the business seamlessly without any dependency on internet. Gofrugal ERP is the go-to garment billing software that helps in managing daily operations in a streamlined way with high accuracy. Use our POS software for garment shops to make data-driven decisions.

GoAlerts is the business magnifier

to pull your business closer to you.

Optimize your garment shop management with GoAlerts, a cloud-based real-time business monitoring tool to notify or send critical business information via SMS or email.

Complete control over multi-location garments with the garment shop management software

Redeem from any store - centralized loyalty, gift voucher and discount coupon
Configure outlet specific offers, pricing from HO
Centralized and integrated accounting
Centralized master data - quickly go live with new store
Take sales order from HO, approve for specific outlet
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
Get complete control on multi-location stores with Gofrugal's billing software for garment shops

The best-managed garment stores prefer to grow with Gofrugal's billing software for clothing stores. Find out why.

Switching to Gofrugal's software has been rewarding. The matrix feature is beneficial for textile and ready-made businesses. Be it reports, instant alerts, or support, Gofrugal has created a huge impact.

Sarathas Silks and Readymades

Ganesh, Managing Director

With Gofrugal ERP, completing the GST process for my business was super easy. The best part is the readily available 'Help resources' that empowered me to complete it all by myself!

Ethniq apparel store

Mr. Shantilal, Owner

With WhatsNow, I can track my business from anywhere at any time. With real-time data and insights from the data, I can make decisions on the move without any dependency!

Paridhan Lifestyle

Mr. Hitesh Sharma, Owner

Single or multiple stores, Gofrugal's billing software for garment shops is ideal for you

Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops

Planning on weekend or clearance sales ? Just configure different pricing for different days and start selling. Plan less, sell more

Customizable smart barcode to help you make informed bargaining with demanding customers

Make it easier for your sales staff to search products with their photos for quick billing

Easily categorize your items to their size, colour, brand, fit and more. Optimise your SKUs for better control

Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops

Simpify your complex purchase process with predefined purchase formulas for every distributor. Configure once and automate your purchase

Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops

Quickly identify your fastest performing and slow moving products with intuitive reports. Take informed decisions on next purchase

Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops

Auto calculation of tax based on item sales rate. Useful for footwear businesses where in tax is calculated on slabs of sales rate

Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops
Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops
Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops
Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops
Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops
Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops
Manage multi outlets with Gofrugal's POS software for garment shops

Overview of garments shop management software

What is garments software?

A garment POS software more than just billing provides a reimagined shopping experience to your customers resulting in increased business. The garment POS system lets you automate all your business operations to provide the best customer experience from understanding the demand of your customers to providing seamless and faster checkouts by letting you perform billing from anywhere. Software for garment shop helps you maintain different categories under the same item and different levels of tax percentage for the same item based on the price of the item.

Why do garments need garment management software?

A garment management software helps you maintain different variants of an item differentiating its color, size enabling you to understand the right inventory to serve your customers the best. The garment inventory software also enables you to understand the nonmoving items and provide discounts to them and sell them to save your investment. The garment billing software also helps you understand the best and fast-moving items enabling you to manufacture those products more to increase your sales and profit.

What are the benefits of using a garments billing & inventory management software?

  • Billing from anywhere with faster checkouts
  • Manage different categories of a single item
  • Understand the best performing design or model
  • Drive sales by understanding the non-moving items
  • Manage the payables and receivables effectively with integrated accounting
  • Offering flexibility to your customers to let them pay by different modes
  • Real-time insights on your business operations to let you grow

How to choose the right POS system for garment management?

  • Increase your customer base by being omnichannel present
  • Maintain different price levels for retail and wholesale
  • Quick scanning of barcodes for seamless checkouts
  • Unique barcodes for items with secret purchase prices to protect your margin
  • Running offers to increase your sales
  • Running loyalty programs to increase your customer retention
  • Automated reordering based on your sales to not lose out on a single sale
  • Default masters for brands for smooth implementations and onboarding
  • Detailed category reports on your business operations to give you insights

Why is Gofrugal the best garment store software?

Gofrugal aims to get you started with your operations using Gofrugal store software promising smooth onboarding and implementation as it has default masters of the products based on the brands. Gofrugal garment store software helps you run your business with minimal effort and the least skills. Gofrugal garment inventory software enables you to maintain the right inventory by taking physical stock audits with ease. It also comes with integrated accounting to manage all your expenses and receivables on a single roof.

How to download a free garment POS system from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's garment store POS system by clicking below.

Garment POS system free download