Sharpen your business with GoAct

Reports from store computer now on your laptop, tablet & smartphone

Effortless access to real time reports

No more printing long reports and taking extra efforts carrying snapshot of reports on pendrives. Have a business question? - access GoAct from your favorite browsers - IE, Chrome, Firefox and your iPad or Android tablet, Windows, Mac or Linux laptop or smartphone and get real time answers

Increased awareness of business

What's top selling? non-selling, who are your top 100 customers, salesman commission, best performing distributor, what to buy next? These answer can be on your finger tips. Better awareness enables, better decision making ensuring higher profits

More opportunities to take decisions

With information at your finger tips, you can be involved in taking lot more decisions than delegating to your store supervisors and managers

Higher focus on core business & expansions

Increase the rate of success and profits that you plan for your business. Expand to more stores and start profiting higher

Smart report - real time business information

What's so special?

Personalize your reports and serve it to your liking, as in drag and drop the columns in a report, resize them, sort and group multiple columns at a time. Filter reports even based on time, get to the details, so you even can find out your most selling 'hour in a day'. Negative values highlighted in red color, so you can spot them in the crowd instantly. Fixed header and footer, save time scrolling up and down. Export to excel with only your preferred columns. Get related reports recommendations. All preferences even saved userwise and more

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Smart reports architecture flow

Your reports delivered securely

Business reports that you access on your shop computer is made accessible on all your personal devices like home computer or laptop, tablet and smartphone when you are away from business or home. Your reports are securely accessed by port-forwarding your router in the store which helps in getting information from the POS server in the shop. Add power to your finger tips and be more involved in your business like never before

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want to get GOFRUGAL GoAct license? Tell me how?
    GOFRUGAL GoAct is accessible with your complimentary WebReporter add-on tool for the base products GOFRUGAL RetailEasy & GOFRUGAL ServeEasy. Other base products like GOFRUGAL HQ, RetailEasy OnCloud and ServQuick, GOFRUGAL GoAct is inbuilt in the reports feature. GOFRUGAL GoAct is complimentary for 'On-time' and 'valid' ALR renewal
  2. What all base products of GOFRUGAL has GoAct?
    GOFRUGAL GoAct is available with GOFRUGAL RetailEasy, GOFRUGAL ServeEasy, GOFRUGAL Head Office, RetailEasy OnCloud and ServQuick. GOFRUGAL GoAct for DE is currently not available
  3. How many users in my business can access GOFRUGAL GoAct?
    No restrictions, all the registered POS users can access GOFRUGAL GoAct. Reports will be viewable based on their access/security rights
  4. If my ALR of base product expires, how can I get GOFRUGAL GoAct again?
    We recommend that you renew your ALR,atleast 15 days in advance in order to ensure uninterrupted access to GOFRUGAL complimentary services/license of GOFRUGAL GoAct. If ALR expires, pay the pending ALR with late payment charges and get access to GOFRUGAL GoAct anywhere
  5. Tell me all possible mediums I can login in GOFRUGAL GoAct?
    Any laptop, tablet - both iPad and Android tablet and smartphone. All devices with a minimum of 7inches display is recommended and also through all your favorite browsers - IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Linux and more
  6. What is the minimum version required for base products to use GOFRUGAL GoAct?
    GOFRUGAL RetailEasy - 91.3, GOFRUGAL ServeEasy - 8.3 SP27 , GOFRUGAL Head Office - 62.4, RetailEasy OnCloud - 6459, ServQuick - 6002
  7. Can GOFRUGAL GoAct be integrated with 3rd party POS applications?
    No, GOFRUGAL GoAct is an add-on to GOFRUGAL POS, it cannot be integrated with 3rd Party POS applications
  8. By the way, what happened to WebReporter?
    GOFRUGAL GoAct is the upgraded and enhanced version with WebReporter, enjoy the latest features and benefit from it
  9. I have few doubts and suggestions about GOFRUGAL GoAct, how can I reach you?
    Sure Thanks, please drop a mail to and we will respond back to you within 24hours