Ecommerce open API

Gain flexibility by connecting with various ecommerce platforms through a unified API, simplifying the integration process and data exchange.

Why choose Gofrugal's ecommerce open API?

With our ecommerce open API, you're not limited to third-party platforms. Experience the freedom to host your online store on any platform. We're here to assist you integrate with Gofrugal's ERP with open APIs. Access real-time data directly from your ERP system. Effortlessly display your product catalog, inventory, and pricing on your website. Enjoy the convenience of our readily available, well-documented API, and a dedicated testing environment to enhance your online business operations.

why choose gofrugal's ecommerce API

Readily available ecommerce integrations

Gain sound insights through market research to grow your business in the pharmaceutical distributor industry.

Expand market reach and get consistent orders from retailers for pharmaceutical and healthcare products with one-of-a-kind B2B marketplace.

Enhance your ecommerce ecosystem by integrating with Rodeo to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Integrate with one of the leading ecommerce platforms to streamline inventory, sales, and customer interactions.

Manage multi-channel sales by integrating with Unicommerce to streamline inventory and order management across platforms.

Integrate with this key ecommerce aggregator-cum-delivery partners to efficiently manage orders and deliveries.

Expand globally by integrating with Vinculum, enabling efficient cross-border ecommerce operations and order fulfillment.

Connect your software to WordPress-based online stores for efficient management of products, orders, and customer data.

Expand your market reach and serve customers with ONDC network

Your catalog from Gofrugal gets listed directly on popular consumer apps like Paytm, Pincode by Phonepe, Mystore, and Magicpin where consumers can shop and pay for items. Have the freedom to decide your policies, prices, offers, delivery methods, and much more.

ONDC integration with Gofrugal POS

Looking for options to open an online store with a built-in ERP system?

Get your own branded online ordering app and let consumers shop from you anywhere, at any time. Launch your own online ordering app with easy ERP integration. Display products with accurate stock visibility, offer flexible payment options, and get the order delivered to the consumer's door step without hassle. Make accurate and on-time order executions, expand your delivery radius, and maintain your customer base.

OrderEasy integration with Gofrugal POS

Supercharge your deliveries

Improve your delivery operations with GoDeliver, our home delivery management software. Achieve 30% faster deliveries using optimized route navigation. Boost efficiency by 50% and save up to 70% in resources. With 100% delivery automation, eliminate manual processes, gain complete control, and increase deliveries by 15%. Delight customers with real-time updates.

Godeliver integration with Gofrugal POS

Precision picking for rapid deliveries

For accurate stock management and lightning-fast order picking, turn to StockPick. Don't worry about errors with scanning technology. Free up supervisors with automated processes and live order tracking. Ensure precise, error-free deliveries every time.

Gosure integration with Gofrugal POS

Here's what our customers have to say

I did not have the financial resources to launch and promote my own app. Now, with the ONDC's initiative, I have an online presence. I also received a minimum of 5 to 10 orders daily in the initial stages itself.

Mr. Shanthosh Kumar,

Home Stock Supermarket, Coimbatore

We have not hired any dedicated resource for ecommerce operations. With Gofrugal's ecommerce POS integration with Shopify, our ecommerce order fulfillment, billing and shipping is much easier. We save loads of time now, too.

Mr. Patel Premkumar,

House of MG, Gujarat

What is an ecommerce POS integration?

An ecommerce POS integration is your digital bridge, linking online and in-store operations. Picture it as the tech upgrade your retail game deserves. It orchestrates a real-time data exchange between your systems promoting smooth order and transaction processing across both online and in-store channels.

It provides opportunities for a wider reach, streamlined sales, pricing perfection, and an enhanced customer experience. It unifies your platform, syncing inventory, pricing, and offers, delivering a seamless omnichannel experience that makes your business thrive in this digital age.

Ecommerce POS integration explained

How ecommerce integration POS works?

Steps involved in an ecommerce integrated POS software

The need for an ecommerce POS integration

Real-time inventory management - Precise inventory control across online and offline channels to optimize stock levels.

Enhance customer experience - Diverse payment methods, seamless online ordering, and comprehensive marketing and loyalty programs.

Accurate data management - Integrate your ecommerce site with your POS system, save time, eliminate manual data entry and synchronization.

Omnichannel order fulfillment - Meet customer expectations with an integrated system that treats every store as a fulfillment center.

Cross-channel promotions - Extend your reach with automated loyalty programs, discounts, and gift cards, and enhance customer experiences.

Automated inventory processes - Simplified management with automating controls and generate supplier orders automatically to reduce costs.

Benefits of an ecommerce POS integration

Sell in multiple places at once - Your integrated system allows you to be where your customers are, offering a unified shopping experience.

Enhanced sales reporting and analytics - Gain a comprehensive view of your sales across all channels, allowing data-driven decisions to optimize product offerings and marketing strategies.

Faster shipping - Orders are processed and shipped promptly, offering a quicker and more satisfying customer experience.

Consistent customer service - Offer a seamless shopping experience with options for online purchases, in-store pickups, and easy returns.

Streamlined business management - Access all necessary information from one back office platform, reducing the need to check multiple systems separately.

Automated data handling - Eliminate manual data input, saving time and effort in managing product information and order reconciliation.

Key features for an integrated ecommerce POS system

Centralized product catalog management

Streamline product updates for accurate and consistent product details across all channels.

Efficient order management

Accelerate order processing and fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction with speedy transactions.

Comprehensive customer management

Provide cross-channel customer service, offering a smooth shopping experience with options for online purchases, in-store pickups, and easy returns.

Operations management excellence

Manage offers, prices, promotions, and inventory efficiently, all from a single, unified back office for efficient business operations.

Explore a wide range of ecommerce integrations with Gofrugal POS that can handle cataloging, orders, price updates, customer information, inventory, and reports.

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