Simplify your communication and increase your revenue with GoAlerts

Experience significant reduction in time and human efforts

Automatically send messages to your customers the moment a sale is made, without any human intervention.

Freedom to choose the medium that works best for you

Select your preferred mode of communication-traditional SMS or WhatsApp and send real-time messages to your customers.

Assured increase in sales and customer retention

Credible digital interactions with customers helps them remember your brand and leads to increased sales.

Explore how GoAlerts can enhance your business operations

instant whatsapp alert software to send bill copies as PDF

Send PDF invoices to your customers

Send bills as PDFs without the additional investment. This reduces the amount spent on hard copies, and ensures customers can access the document at any time.

Boost your revenue with bulk and promotional campaigns

Send out bulk SMS and marketing messages via WhatsApp, attract customers to your store, and get repeat walk-ins for increased revenue.

send bulk promotional messages through whatsapp
text alert software with scheduling option

Schedule messages at the right time

Reach customers more effectively by scheduling messages for a convenient time. Plus, set a recurring schedule to send messages on a specific day of the week or month.

Reduce time and effort spent on payment follow-up

Trigger automated reminders and notifications on payment due dates, and reduce the need to follow up on overdue payments manually.

alert software to send payment reminders
sms alert software to communicate with customers and employees

Trigger critical communications to employees and customers

Send important messages to employees about transactions, low stock, stock discrepancies, and OTPs. Send welcome and greetings messages, as well as loyalty point reminders to customers.

pricing of gofrugal's official whatsapp integration

Pricing for the Gofrugal's official WhatsApp integration

Annual subscription cost


During the first time subscription, we offer a complimentary message limit of 10,000

Top-up message packs

- 10,000 messages, - 50,000 messages, - 1,00,000 messages

  • - 10,000 messages
  • - 50,000 messages
  • - 1,00,000 messages


  • All the prices mentioned above are inclusive of GST.
  • The above pricing does not include the charges for the transactional and promotional messages.
  • When the user renews the subscription before the validity period, the existing message limit will get carried forward / accumulated with new message plan bought during renewal.
  • Incase of Enterprise customers willing to purchase messages above 5 lakh in bulk, we can have individual consultation.

Pricing for the Gofrugal's SMS alerts integration

Choose the SMS plan of your choice

*No SMS plan is selected now. Please select a plan to continue


  • Gofrugal’s SMS alerts is supported for Indian customers currently.
  • The above packs of Gofrugal’s SMS integration are inclusive of taxes.
  • All SMS packages are inclusive of DLT scrubbing charges of ₹0.025+GST / SMS.
  • In addition to SMS, E-mail alerts can also be configured provided there is valid SMS balance within the validity period.
  • When the user renews their plan before the validity period, the previous SMS balances will get accumulated with the new SMS limit.
pricing of gofrugal's sms integration

Plans for 3rd Party Bulk SMS (TPM) providers

Opt 3rd Party Bulk SMS providers basis your need and we will integrate it with your Gofrugal solution. Annual charges for integration apply as follows:


  • All the prices mentioned above for third party messaging plans are inclusive of taxes.
  • DLT scrubbing charges is not included in the 3rd party messaging plans mentioned above.

“Of all the features in Alert, the messaging feature linked to the SMS gateway really makes this stand apart. Adding to this, the fail-safe support provided by the Alert team on product doubts and queries is incredible.”

Mr Siva

Kingson Supermarket

“Alert helps us be in touch with customers at any time. We are able to send them an SMS after every purchase is made. I strongly feel Alert will become an integral part of Gofrugal solutions.”

Mr Rajesh

Mother Medicals

Overview of alert software

What is GoAlerts?

GoAlerts is a mobile SaaS solution that helps you to send notifications or alert of the transactions / trade from your Gofrugal software to your customers, suppliers or employees/company representatives. You can configure events, message format, schedule messages, send bulk SMS and promotional messages via WhatsApp.

Who can use GoAlerts?

All Gofrugal customers using our OnPremise or Cloud ERP can seamlessly integrate GoAlerts with their respective solutions.

There are other solutions in the market. Why should I choose your Gofrugal alerts/messaging solution?

GoAlerts is directly integrated with Gofrugal suite of products. All events and exceptions are handled in real-time. It helps you to save time in tracking and monitoring your business process and focus on decision-making. It also helps you to gain better control, integrate your business processes and gives the power to prevent, rather than react to potential show-stoppers in your company processes.

What are the types of report available in GoAlerts?

GoAlerts has an in-built dashboard that displays a day-wise status report for the number of SMS sent, delivered, etc., as well as separate reports on each and every SMS sent, invalid mobile number details, status of WhatsApp messages sent, account summary for number of messages sent and remaining count available. In addition, you can schedule module-wise reports including but not limited to sales, purchases, stock, payments, and receipts.

Do I need internet connection to use GoAlerts?

Yes, internet is mandatory for GoAlerts since this is a cloud based application.

Is GoAlerts a desktop application?

No, it is a SaaS service. You can enable configurations and get reports from the web only.

Can I use my Shop name as a Brand name for sending SMS?

Yes, you can use your Shop name as a Brand name. It will be tagged in your sender ID; maximum characters allowed is 6. Separate charges are applicable for this feature.

What kind of messages can be sent using the WhatsApp Cloud API integration?

Both transactional and promotional messages can be sent through our official WhatsApp integration.

Is DLT registration required before sending messages via WhatsApp?

No, DLT registration is not required for sending messages via the Whatsapp integration.

Are there any existing templates we can use for sending messages?

Yes, there are default templates in the Alerts portal. These templates can also be customized. In both cases, template approval from WhatsApp is required.

Do we need multiple licenses for multiple outlets in the case of HQ User?

One Alerts account and a single subscription license is enough to send messages from all the outlets mapped under HO.

How should we send transactional messages to customers? Do we have a button to initiate the messages, or is it automated?

There's no need to send messages manually, and there is no button to initiate this action. As soon as an action is performed, the corresponding approved template will be triggered and messages will be sent to the mobile number.

Can we use an existing WhatsApp number for the official WhatsApp integration?

It is recommended that you use a new number for this WhatsApp integration.