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Our most popular integrations

Ecommerce Open API

We provide open APIs e-commerce to integrate seamlessly with any platform that hosts your online business

Ecommerce API

Gain flexibility by connecting with various ecommerce platforms through a unified API, simplifying the integration process and data exchange.


We also have direct integration with the following brands


Link your software with the world's largest online marketplace to effortlessly manage product listings, sales, and fulfillment processes.


Gain business growth and incentives by contributing valuable insights for market research.

ONDC network

Connect with ONDC network to access a wide network of ecommerce players, expanding your reach and business opportunities.


Expand your market reach and get consistent orders from retailers for pharmaceutical and healthcare products with the one-of-a-kind B2B marketplace.


Enhance your ecommerce ecosystem by integrating with Rodeo to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Integrate with one of the leading ecommerce platforms to streamline inventory, sales, and customer interactions for a thriving online business.


Seamlessly manage multi-channel sales by integrating with Unicommerce, streamlining inventory and order management across platforms.

UrbanPiper - Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, MagicPin

Integrate with this key ecommerce aggregator-cum-delivery partners to efficiently manage orders and deliveries.


Expand globally by integrating with Vinculum, enabling efficient cross-border ecommerce operations and order fulfillment.


Connect your software to WordPress-based online stores, enabling efficient management of products, orders, and customer data.



Offer personalized experience and faster loan disbursal with help of DO (delivery order) integration and invoice integration.

AI/ML for purchase automation

The Eye

AI/ML solution that runs your business without a purchase team. Put your purchase order on auto-pilot ensuring maximum sales with minimal inventory.

Backend ERP

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Streamline business operations, from financial management to supply chain processes.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Enhance business efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, managing financials and operations seamlessly.


Connect with Oracle for robust ERP solutions, managing resources, finances, and operations efficiently for business growth.

Orion ERP

Integrate Orion ERP to centralize and optimize enterprise processes, enhancing collaboration and performance across various departments.


Connect with SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) to manage various business functions in a unified cloud-based ERP solution.


Integrate with SAP R/3 to optimize business processes, from finance to production, for efficient enterprise resource planning.


Integrate with SAP S/4 HANA for real-time insights and streamlined operations, enhancing decision-making and resource utilization.

Cloud services

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure with reliable computing, storage, and networking resources.

Azure (Microsoft Azure)

Comprehensive cloud computing platform to support your software's performance, scalability, and security.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud for robust cloud solutions enables efficient data storage, processing, and management with the power of Oracle's technologies.

Connected banking

Automate BRS

Reconcile your banking transactions in ERP with bank statements automatically, eliminating the need for manual clearance processes.

ICICI Connected Banking

Initiate supplier and employee payments right from ERP and auto e-BRS to save time, and increase accuracy by multiple folds.

CRM - Communication


Streamline communication and customer engagement through seamless email integration, ensuring effective correspondence and personalized interactions.

Meta - WhatsApp

Connect with customers where they are active through the official WhatsApp integration from Meta. Ensure maximum open rates and follow-throughs for your calls to action.

Zoho SalesIQ

Enhance customer service with the Zoho SalesIQ integration, offering live chat and visitor tracking to elevate sales and support processes.

CRM - Loyalty


Integrate Billeasy to manage loyalty programs efficiently to offer seamless rewards that keep customers coming back.

Blue Ocktopus

Connect with Blue Ocktopus for comprehensive loyalty solutions, fostering customer loyalty through strategic engagement strategies.


Enhance customer relationships with Capillary's CRM integration, utilizing data-driven insights to personalize and optimize loyalty programs.


Integrate Easyrewardz to effortlessly manage and engage customers, building lasting loyalty through tailored rewards and experiences.


Strengthen customer loyalty by integrating eWards, enabling the creation of impactful loyalty programs that drive engagement and retention.


Personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. Explore WhatsApp marketing for unparalleled customer engagement and loyalty.


Personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. Explore WhatsApp marketing for unparalleled customer engagement and loyalty.


Strengthen customer relationships with mloyal's integration and craft loyalty initiatives that resonate and drive sustainable growth.

Reelo Loyalty

Enhance customer engagement and loyalty with Reelo Loyalty's integration, offering personalized rewards and experiences.

UrbanPiper's wallet and loyalty

Build a wallet and loyalty program, incentivizing customer loyalty and driving repeat business.


Engage and retain customers effectively with Wingzz's integration to create loyalty programs that set your business apart in a competitive market.

Xtravalue (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management software for sales, enaging client interactions and relationships.

CRM - Payment device

BAI (Ingenico)

Benefit from automatic reconciliation, erasing the need for manual cross-referencing and ensuring payment and record accuracy.


Boost customer convenience and transaction legitimacy while automating reconciliation for error-free records.

Payfacto (Canada)

Streamline Canadian payment transactions and merchant services provider.

Paytm EDC

Ensure accurate transactions with automatic reconciliation, streamlining your end-of-day operations.

Pine Labs (Wired)

Enjoy seamless, reliable transactions, and precise payment collection. Backed by automated reconciliation for flawless financial management.

Pine Labs EDC (Wireless)

Embrace future payment technology with automatic reconciliation for effortless end-of-day processes, aligning device payments seamlessly with your records.


Enhance security and enjoy automated reconciliation, eliminating manual tallying and ensuring payment accuracy.

CRM - Payment gateway

FAB - Dubai/UAE

Integrate FAB for efficient payment processing, ensuring secure and hassle-free transactions for your customers in the UAE.

Ingenico (Angola)

Streamline and simplify payment processing for Angolan customers.

Mashreq - Dubai/UAE

Connect with Mashreq to provide a seamless payment experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and facilitating secure transactions.

MPesa (C2B and STK Push) - South Africa

Offer customers the convenience of making payments through mobile devices.

Paytm DQR/SMS - India

Secured payment acceptance to avoid people inputting wrong values or attempting fraudulent payments while they pay through static UPI QR.

PayU - India

Enhance online transactions with the PayU integration, offering a robust and reliable payment gateway for ecommerce businesses.

PayPal - Global Support

Global payment acceptance, enabling customers to make secure transactions using a trusted and widely recognized platform.

PayPay - South Africa

Connect with PayPay for seamless payment experiences, catering to a broad customer base with diverse payment preferences.

Razorpay (Checkout) - India

Integrate Razorpay Checkout for smooth online payments, ensuring a user-friendly and secure checkout process.


Enhance customer data accuracy for targeted marketing and email prospecting for lead generation.

Mall Management

ADSR - WovVTech

Integrate with ADSR from WovVTech to efficiently manage mall operations, enhancing tenant communication with specific timeline-defined sales data posting.


Connect with DLF mall management to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences, ensuring efficient management of retail spaces.

EA Express Avenue Mall Manager

Enhance mall operations and optimize rental management with visitor engagement.


Integrate Pathfinder for comprehensive mall management, utilizing data-driven insights to optimize foot traffic and tenant relationships.


Google Maps

Seamlessly integrate Google Maps for delivery tracking, salesman location tracking, and tracking travel allowances in your business.


Bajaj Finserv

Streamline non-banking financial services, providing customers with personalized experiences including DO integration and invoice integration.

POS device/peripherals


Certified devices ensure an easy setup, prioritizing seamless transactions and customer experiences.


Accurate transactions, space-saving, all-in-one devices, and an effortless setup aid in efficient customer interactions.


Enjoy streamlined functionality, a space-saving all-in-one setup, and certified devices for easy plug-and-play installation.


Streamlined transactions, space-saving, all-in-one devices, and certified, hassle-free setup enhance your business efficiency.


Ideal for POS printing and customer interactions. Easy maintenance, and certified devices for a hassle-free, simplified setup.


Features an all-in-one setup for space efficiency, easy maintenance, and certified devices for a hassle-free, plug-and-play installation.


Certified devices offer hassle-free, plug-and-play installation for enhanced customer experiences.

SecuGen Biometric Device

Enhance POS security with a space-saving, all-in-one setup, simplified maintenance, and certified devices for an easy plug-and-play setup.


This features an all-in-one setup for efficiency, a space-saving design, and certified devices for a hassle-free plug-and-play installation.


All-in-one setup for seamless transactions, space-saving design, and certified devices for effortless plug-and-play installation.


Enjoy user-friendly solutions, space-saving, all-in-one devices, and an easy plug-and-play setup for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

TVS Electronics

Simplify checkout and transaction management with an all-in-one setup, easy maintenance, and certified devices for a plug-and-play installation.


EBT, USA (Electronic Benefit Transfer)

Enjoy Electronic Benefit Transfer in the USA, enabling secure and convenient government assistance disbursements.

Tax and statutory compliance

Angola - SAF-T

Integrate with Angola's SAF-T for streamlined Standard Audit File for Tax purposes, facilitating transparent tax reporting.

Fiji - FRCS

Enhance tax compliance in Fiji by integrating with FRCS, ensuring accurate reporting and adherence to local tax regulations (e-invoicing).

India - GSTN

Accurate and compliant GST reporting along with GST filing (file generation), 2B reconciliation, e-way bill, e-invoicing and other GSTN minor services.

Karachi, Pakistan - KPRA

Connect with Karachi, Pakistan's KPRA (e-invoices) for smooth tax administration and compliance with the local tax authority.

Kenya - KRA, TIMS

Integrate with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and TIMS for efficient tax and transport compliance, ensuring seamless operations (e-invoicing).

Saudi Arabia - KSA (Soon to come)

Saudi Arabia's KSA integration meets tax and compliance obligations in accordance with local regulations.

Tanzania - TRA (Soon to come)

Integrate with TRA to ensure smooth tax administration and compliance with tax regulations in Tanzania.


Connect with the UAE's Federal Tax Authority (FTA) integration to meet tax obligations and adhere to statutory requirements.


Manage tax compliance and get accurate reporting to the Uganda Revenue Authority (complete EFRIS portal integration including e-invoicing).

Zimbabwe - Revmax

Connect with Zimbabwe's Revmax for streamlined tax reporting and compliance with local tax laws.

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"I've always wanted to ease my efforts in accounting and banking. That's when I came across the Gofrugal - ICICI Connected Banking integration. It is the fastest, most accurate, and least complicated payment process. Within three months, I have reduced 60% of our efforts in managing supplier payments. The best part is obtaining Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) effortlessly and maintaining a reconciled bank ledger daily. It has not only reduced my effort but has also enormously improved the rapport with my suppliers."

Parimal Kothari
Kothari Departmental Stores

"Gofrugal's restaurant POS has been a game-changer for us. Their online integration portal streamlines our operations with multiple third-party integrators like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, and more. Handling kitchen orders and online orders across three kitchens is now a breeze. The user-friendly dashboards and quick tracking have supercharged our food delivery process. Gofrugal POS has made our business more efficient and our lives easier."

Jey Charan
Tasty Kitchen


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