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Easy-to-use online ordering and delivery management apps to boost business

Embrace omnichannel

Acquire new customers and drive more sales

  • 4 days on-boarding time

    Set-up online store app on Android and iOS effortlessly within a matter of 4 days

  • 50% more orders

    Process more orders with an app integrated to your ERP or POS

  • Improved accuracy

    Serve customer orders accurately by offering real time visibility to your store inventory

Set-up your online store
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Automate stock picking for easy and error-free order processing

  • 100% accurate picking

    Picking by scanning makes accurate orders reach your customers adding delight in every order

  • 2x faster picking

    Speedy and stress-free picking, possible with category wise listing of items

  • 100% delight to Supervisors

    Freedom to supervisors, with automatic order assignment and track status anytime anywhere, reducing dependencies by 90%

Pick more in less time
Delivery management app to double your effeciency

Delightful deliveries managed efficiently

  • 30% faster

    Provide faster deliveries with the help of google maps navigation

  • 2x efficient

    Double your efficiency over the manual delivery process with minimal skills and manpower

  • 100% hassle-free

    Assure hassle-free deliveries through real-time delivery status updates

Expand your delivery channel
Delivery management app to double your effeciency

Why choose GOFRUGAL's omnichannel suite ?

OrderEasy helps retailers to quickly set up an omnichannel retail app for online ordering. Orders placed by the consumers will automatically be pushed into the ERP making it easier for retailers to process and enhance their service capability.

Go online now

Set minimum order value

Repeat order

Set maximum delivery radius

Enable pick up/ delivery

StockPick app helps you perform paperless picking for an accurate, highly efficient and hassle-free order processing. Orders placed can be automatically assigned to the picker's mobile app, allowing them to pick and process the orders on-time without any dependency.

Start picking now

Automatic assignment of orders

Pick right with scanning

Track order status from anywhere

Measure picker's efficiency

GoDeliver app helps retailers manage their delivery logistics efficiently by streamlining their deliveries, sharing the optimum routes with their delivery staff, tracking and even conveniently rescheduling/cancelling the deliveries.

Start delivering now

Real time status updates

Multiple delivery boy management

Optimum route navigation

Reschedule/ Cancel


Join ONDC with Gofrugal!
Win maximum customers possible

Join the amazing omnichannel transformation combined with a hyper-local business model. With Gofrugal's one-time cataloging, your business will be discoverable on all available platforms.

Offer seamless shopping experience to customers without channel limitations for them but with channel-specific inventory and pricing for you!

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Simplify your online business operations with our easy-to-use e-commerce integration

Seize the opportunity to integrate with any e-Commerce platform and provide your customers with a seamless experience across all channels. Alleviate staff workload, minimize expenditure on dual management of business operations, and enhance order accuracy.

Did you know? Gofrugal also provides open APIs e-commerce to integrate seamlessly with any platform that hosts your online business.

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Omnichannel order management suite that will keep your customers happy

Omnichannel retail solutions to keep your customers happy
Order through OrderEasy and store pick-up
Retailers who do not have the manpower for managing the delivery logistics can provide Pick-up only option to the consumers while ordering.
Omnichannel retail solutions to keep your customers happy
Pick more orders per employee with StockPick
Scanning feature and category- wise item listing helps to pick quickly the right items without any mess reducing the stress, resulting in the picking of more orders per employee.
Omnichannel retail solutions to keep your customers happy
Order through OrderEasy + Deliver using GoDeliver
Retailers who have minimal or enough manpower can deliver the orders placed through OrderEasy directly at consumer door steps using GoDeliver.
Omnichannel retail solutions to keep your customers happy
Real time visibility to your store inventory
Retailers can mark the items available in stock in the back-end and achieve improved accuracy in processing the orders.
Omnichannel retail solutions to keep your customers happy
Convenient rescheduling/cancelling
Delivery boys can conveniently reschedule/cancel the deliveries based on the consumers' availability and retailers can track the status of the deliveries real-time.
Omnichannel retail solutions to keep your customers happy
Effortless delivery return process
Delivery boys can accept the returns easily by mentioning the reason in the app, and retailers can balance their inventory quickly after validating it in POS.

Some of our COVID Champions

"Due to the lockdown, we were forced to close down our store. Fortunately, with the help of GOFRUGAL, we have shifted from Whatsapp and phone call method of order taking and moved to their online store app. We saw instant results and were able to get 70+ orders right from the second day of lock-down. Today, we are able to deliver seamlessly to all our customers across town.”
Mr. Anand
Mani Maligai, Pollachi
"The lockdown announcement scared us a lot. That’s when we sought the help of GOFRUGAL. Thanks to them, we have set-up our own online store app and we now serve more than 1,000 orders every day. And we expect to serve around 5,000 – 10,000 orders in the upcoming days.”
Ajay Rawat and Vivek Singh
Smart Baniye, a Lucknow-based startup
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