POS system security, your business data's warranty


Data protection

Secures your business information from item details, inventory, customer information, transactions to accounting details and all other business data


Secondary surveillance

Acts as secondary surveillance for your business and protects your physical stocks as well as POS data


Customized access

Prevents unauthorized access to important business information with user/role-based access


Instant alerts

Avoids employee theft and inventory shrinkage with approval mechanism, alerts and instant notifications for key operations

Our Security, your POS data's surety!

Gofrugal's ERP offers complete and effective control in POS with in-depth security features focusing more on preventing security breaches and employee threats which is a common problem that is about to happen and tackles them with utmost priority by providing stable solutions with regular updates

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Top reasons to choose Gofrugal's POS system security

Audit trail to document each operation executed in the POS to track and review any sort of fishy activities

Complex password combination to prevent unauthorized access

SmartAuth with Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for biometric-based password-less sign-in

Encrypted database and backup in local as well as cloud to prevent the data from insider threats or damages, cyberattacks, ransom wares and all other virus attacks

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Even if our employees aim to make mistakes, Gofrugal had never allowed it to happen. Gofrugal's POS solutions offered us foolproof security, which we haven't experienced in our previous POS systems and satisfied our needs the most.

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Confused whether to opt POS system security or not?


93% surge in ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021 compared to the previous year with the latest attack techniques

* Recent data from 'Checpoint Research' on 'Cyberattack trends 2021 mid-year reports'


67% of Indian organizations whose data was encrypted paid a ransom to get back their data

* From data released in June 1, 2021 from 'Business Standard' on 'ransomware data recovery cost triples in India'


42.7% of retail shrinkage that occurs in the stores is due to employee theft

* From data released in July 29, 2020 from 'Leftronic' on 'Employee Theft Statistics 2019'


0% data loss and 30 mins average restoration time for recovery of lost data with GoSecure

* Based on the research done by Gofrugal on GoSecure

See how POS security management software protects your business data

  • POS
    access control

  • POS
    access management

  • Regular security updates

  • Approvals

  • Device

  • Smart

  • POS
    Audit report

  • Session

  • POS
    system security

  • POS
    access control

  • POS
    access management

  • Regular security updates

  • Approvals

  • Device

  • Smart

  • POS
    Audit report

  • Session

  • POS
    system security

Forget about POS security and focus on growth priority

Gofrugal's POS access control gives you the confidence about your data's security and lets you to focus on other priorities

Locks in the sales screen to control the user from using other screens or sets password to close the sales screen with Gofrugal's RetailEasy desktop

Practice user account to make your employee practice the software without causing unwanted confusion in the inventory.

Prevent data from mishandling

Gofrugal's POS access management renders you to provide the right access to right employee and manage them all in a single dashboard

Restricts users to access the menus which are not useful to them and makes sure confidential data reaches only right hands by hiding or setting password for menus and screen operations in each screen

Safeguards your margin by not allowing the user to view or edit any commercial values who are not allowed to do so

Stay updated and avoid being invaded

Gofrugal ensures regular update for your POS system security to keep your data more stronger and secured and as well in the trend

With the growing technology, there grows the security breaches as well. Gofrugal, identifies new ransom wares and makes you immune against these viruses with the regular security updates

Gofrugal identifies places where things are likely to be handled wrongly by your employees, and solves them regularly with regular updates

Bring everything under your vision

Gofrugal's approval mechanisms don't allow the operations to be carried without bringing it to your notice for the operations that needs approval

Restricts users from doing unwanted operations and intimates and requests approval from the owner even if he is not available in the shop with Gofrugal's WhatsNow mobile solutions

Biometric approval is an added layer of security to ensure restricted operations are carried out without owners consent

Authorize application access

Device mapping for mobile device counter to ensure unauthorized usage of POS add on billing solutions

Device mapping provides the data of the devices and solutions that are connected with POS and allows you to remove the device if the existing employee is using that solution in his own device or if you found malicious activities

Encrypted and cloud backup

Secure your important POS data with the encrypted local database or back up them in the cloud

Encrypted local database assures security for your data's stored in POS machine and avoids being corrupted or accessed from others while transferring from one POS to another

Gofrugal's GoSecure backs up your data automatically to the cloud without depending on manual intervention and assures less turn around time even if your POS data gets corrupted due to virus attacks, hardware failures and even natural calamities

Track every move

Track audit reports of users for all their moves especially transactions to have complete control over your employee

Audit reports give you the detailed information of what an employee did in POS from creating, adding or editing any field in the POS till billing with the detailed information of what's done, where it's done and when its done

Audit reports for purchase entry give the detailed information of which person received goods, verified by whom and which user arranged the stock on the shelf by selecting the user while saving each operation

Manage cash flow

Track the entire cash flow summary during each user shift with the session management and find the missing cash if any easily

An virtual attendance to track each individual employee's login hours, billings, sale returns, individual tender orders, cash outs and cash mismatches accurately

Session management lets you to track the session of all the counters at a single place

Convenient POS system security

Robust security in a simplified path makes your operations easier without reducing the severity of your POS security

Multi-factor authentication using SmartAuth authenticates login is an intelligible and safest way

OTP authentication for retrieving your data backed up in the cloud to avoid unauthorized access to your cloud data

Double data protection with cloud backup collection

Natural calamities, hardware failures and data corruption brings unpredictable down time to your business. And it even leads to shutting down of businesses. Gofrugal's GoSecure backups up your business data's from POS in no time automatically and shields your valuable data from any virus attacks or disaster.

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Overview of POS system security

What is Security Management in POS?

POS security management is a added layer of safety in the POS system to reduce vulnerabilities and unauthorized access who were looking for stealing your confidential business data. Most importantly, the purpose of POS security management software is to provide a safe and secured environment to retailers to run their business data without worrying about security for their business data

Why do retail businesses need a security management system?

Being a Retailer, having loads of items in the inventory POS will be the only repository where they will be having all their inventory data. To ensure security to this POS and avoid pilferage of any confidential data from POS system, security management system is the only solution for it. Also, there are high chances that your business data can become victim to cyber attacks. A POS security management software helps you in preventing those attacks by backing up your data in cloud safely.

What are the benefits of using a POS system security management software?

A best POS security management offers you the following benefits:

  • Prevents unauthorized access to your POS
  • Enables Taboo or set approval mechanism to edit bills and protects your margin
  • Helps you to hide important and confidential reports section for each user with the "smart template vs User" feature
  • Import and export customer data from one POS to another through encrypted mode to avoid loss or theft of data during migration
  • Safeguards your business insights by disabling or setting password for reports
  • Simplifies your work by setting up role-based security type to add common config for all employees of same roles

How to choose right security management system with POS?

Choosing a right security management system is as important as choosing your POS. So, make sure you come across these feature in the security management system with POS before choosing it.

  • Hides or set password for screen operations in each individual screen
  • Disables viewing and editing previous bills or access these options only with passwords
  • Setting default tender for each counter to avoid confusion and mismatch in cash by keeping one counter exclusive for one tender
  • Setup exclusive counter for loyalty card creation to avoid disturbances to other counters by enabling it only for the exclusive counter and even protecting it with password to access
  • Permitting users only who are allowed to create coupons to avoid generating discount coupons by every employee that leads to too many discounts without proper and prior planning.
  • Till management to track the sessions of all the counters at one place

Why choose Gofrugal's Retail POS security management software?

Gofrugal's Retail POS security management software protects your POS software as well as your confidential business information from getting into wrong hands and threats and makes you to run your business smoothly without any hindrance. Also Gofrugal's GoSecure gives you the confident that your POS data will stay safe even if your system crashes or hardware fails automates the back up process to ensure your data is always backed up safely in the cloud. With Gofrugal's POS access management you can completely personalize your software as per your security need safeguard your margins and data from being misused.

How to download free POS security management system from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's POS security management system by clicking the link below

POS security management system free download