Benefits of Ayurveda software

Purchase management

Track margins for all drugs, the cost of goods sold (COGS), and the profit margin for each drug. Know what works and make informed purchase decisions.

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Proper stock and service

Get products to the rack faster with automatic stock refill notifications. Service your sales orders faster with automated shelf and rack-wise pickup slip notifications. Achieve 100% inventory control with daily stock audits.

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Integrated accounting

Generate accurate bank reconciliation statements for cash and bank balance statuses. File GST/VAT/TDS/TCS using automated statutory report generation.

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Online ayurvedic store

Build your own online ordering store and customize it based on your preferences. Let customers shop from home with an online ordering app by uploading prescriptions easily.

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Super-fast checkout

Offer express checkouts away from the counters and send bills via SMS or WhatsApp. Deliver a better billing counter experience by recording customer preferences, doctors' details, and prescription management.

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Tailored promotions

Group customers based on purchase history and buying patterns. Send targeted promotions via WhatsApp with tailored messages to improve sales and remind customers to buy medications.

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Analytics and reports

Learn the performance of your store with detailed reports to know item-wise margins, date-wise expiry stock, supplier-wise margins, and more. Make informed pricing, promotion, and reorder decisions.

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Security management

Log in securely with multi-factor authentication. Create user roles, approval mechanisms, and give access to specific roles for specific actions to avoid breaches of security and hierarchy.

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Gofrugal cloud software for Ayurveda stores

Experience exponential growth by going on cloud

Gofrugal cloud software for Ayurveda stores

Take control of your retail chain, and gain 100% visibility when you invest right in a Cloud ERP that has a lower operating cost, works smart, offline, and on any device. Enjoy accuracy and freedom to choose modules with Gofrugal's secured solution scalable capabilities!

Gofrugal OnPremise ERP for Ayurveda store

All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

Gofrugal OnPremise ERP for Ayurveda store

Implement OnPremise ERP inhouse and run the business seamlessly without any dependency on internet. Gofrugal ERP is a go to software that helps in managing daily operations in a streamlined way with high accuracy, and make data-driven decisions with the help of technology.

Mobile app connected to your Ayurveda store to get instant alerts

Do you want to know what drugs are less in stock, customer wise sales/history and discounts? purchase rate discrepancy summary, safety alerts, schedule register and other such important questions in your shop under 10 secs? Ask WhatsNow app

Complete control of Ayurveda chain stores with our multi-location Ayurveda software

Excess stock transferring between outlets
All drugs from all stores - bulk Generic update from HO
Short expiry from all stores transferred to Warehouse
Transfer all non-moving stock to warehouse
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
Warehouse consolidates indents from all outlets and converts to a single purchase order
Gofrugal Ayurveda software for retail chain Ayurveda stores

Trusted by 5000+ Pharmacies and Chemists globally

Gofrugal's software helped us with detailed reports, accurate expiry, and batch management, much needed when you run a 24/7 pharmacy. Gofrugal's software is user-friendly, and all my pharmacists are happy using it.

Go Chemist

Yash Shah, Proprietor

Gofrugal's software helps us with net trade, web orders, and bills in five to six seconds. We reduced our inventory from 37 to 25 days, and the gross profit increased from 16% to 21%.

Muthu Group

E. Gnanam, Founder & Chairman

After using Gofrugal's software for 10 years, I can vouch that it benefits the pharmacy business. Specifically for managing H1 drugs, Gofrugal's software is the most reliable one on the market.

Shines Medicals

Lakshmanan, Proprietor

Manage multiple stores or a single store with Gofrugal's ayurvedic software

Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store

Categorize drugs to their branch of medicine, medicine type and other relevant categories. Make billing easier and accurate

Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store

Set commission for Doctors on each medicine prescribed by them. Set commission slabs based on percentage and amount for each drug

Customer wants a cheaper drug or you want to sell substitute drugs in place of another? Relax, our system will recommend you accurate substitutes

Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store

Get 50,000+ prefilled drug database. Quickly update the stock with batch, expiry and pricing details and start billing

Maintain records of customers with the regular medicines they buy. Manage their purchase intervals and alert them via SMS to keep them repeatedly purchase from your shop

Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store

With minimum & maximum quantity for each drug, automatically get recommended reorder quantity and save time in manual stock taking and reordering

Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store
Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store
Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store
Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store
Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store
Gofrugal Ayurveda software for Ayurveda store
Best pharmacy retail point of sale software solution for customer-wise product mapping, purchase rate discrepancy summary, supplier and manufacturer-wise expiry reports help manage your pharmacy and healthcare business. Set re-order alerts, get info on generic names and substitute for products, clear visibility on non-moving stocks. We offer FREE download medical billing software for pharmacy and medical shop.

Overview of Ayurvedic store

Why choose Gofrugal to manage Ayurveda clinics and hospitals?

Gofrugal Ayurveda software helps you not only manage your ayurvedic clinic but also aids growth by allowing you to:

  • Stock properly knowing your accurate inventory levels, even without a perpetual stock audit, and plan your purchase reorder accordingly.
  • Generate unique barcodes for products and quickly add them to your inventory without typing any information, saving time and reducing errors in data entry.
  • Offer super-fast billing even for stores with multiple checkout counters with barcode scanning.
  • Keep track of cashiers' shifts, including opening, closing, and all transactions made during a shift with accurate cash and shift management.
  • Assign roles and approval mechanisms to ensure there are no breaches in the process through robust security management.
  • Track the performance of your store with detailed reports that help with the complete process of purchasing, stocking, promoting, and selling.
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What is the importance of Ayurveda software in ayurvedic clinics?

The importance of using ayurvedic software in ayurvedic clinics has become non-negotiable in recent times. Ayurvedic clinics experience numerous benefits when they implement ayurvedic clinic management software such as:

  • Purchases are streamlined, and the reorder process becomes easier knowing the margin and delivery time expected from each supplier.
  • Identifying the products and managing stock based on expiration becomes more accurate with unique barcode generation.
  • Sales billing and sales returns happen succinctly with super-fast checkouts, no matter how extensive the SKUs, due to proper inward and purchase entries.
  • Reputation management is intact as Ayurveda software does not allow the intake of any expired stocks during the inward process.

What is the cost of Ayurveda hospital management software?

Top Ayurveda software, such as Gofrugal POS, offers its starter edition at Rs. 18,000, which includes necessary modules such as sell management, purchase and reorder management, inventory management, business operations management, pricing management, CRM, loyalty and promotion reports, financial accounting, and more!

The best way to choose the right ayurvedic software for your business is to see a personalized demo or take a trial offer for a specific period to get hands-on experience, and then decide.

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