Benefits of using Gofrugal's Pharmacy Management Software

Faster billing

User-friendly interface with shortcuts and quick searches facilitates faster checkouts and improves the billing experience along with mobile billing app

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Omnichannel capabilities

Take your pharmacy business online with your own branded online ordering app, including prescription upload and delivery management features

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Smart purchase

Automated procurement system to help you purchase the right products at the right time, from the right place, and at the right price, based on your store's performance

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Complete inventory control

Maintain optimal inventory levels, manage expiry dates, and safeguard your margin by avoiding overstocking or running out of stock with efficient pharmacy management software

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Integrated accounting

Automated tax calculations, simplified GST filing, regular updates to stay up-to-date with new regulations, and impactful financial reports to help you make critical business decisions

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Increased customer retention

Stay connected with your customers with personalized messages, offers, and timely reminders about their medication to boost retention rates and gain loyalty

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Powerful reports

Utilize pharmacy shop software to access instant reports on the short-expiry, best-selling, fast or low-selling items, directly on your phone or through automated report mailers and take informed decisions

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Robust security

Our pharmacy management software employs advanced security measures to safeguard your business and customer data against unauthorized access or breaches

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Join the millions of satisfied users who have experienced our award-winning software, crowned with

"Top pharmaceutical industry software"

Open your online pharmacy store in just 5 days!

Are you tired of error-prone WhatsApp / Phone call order taking? No worries. Your customers can now place orders online with your own branded pharmacy app, with prescription upload.

Learn more Get a glimpse of digital pharmacy
Learn more Get a glimpse of digital pharmacy

All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

Implement an OnPremise ERP in-house and run your business seamlessly without any dependency on an internet connection. Gofrugal's pharmacy management system is a go-to software that helps you manage daily operations in a streamlined way with high accuracy and assists you when making data-driven decisions. Whether you are looking for pharmacy billing software or pharmacy management software, Gofrugal ERP provides comprehensive solutions for your business needs.

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What is pharmacy software?

Pharmacy software is POS software that helps pharmacies manage their entire business operations, starting from purchase management to building a loyal consumer base. A pharmacy management system gives users complete control over important aspects of a pharmacy business, such as supplier management, the automated reorder process, and inventory control, expiry management, and servicing customers in the pharmacy store with super-fast billing.


Pharmacy software

  • Inventory Management

  • Prescription Management

  • Patient Records

  • Billing Management

  • Reports

Why do pharmacies need pharmacy software?

In today's competitive landscape, pharmacies demand stable software for pharmacy operations including billing, inventory, purchase management, and more. Retail pharma software extends beyond traditional data entry, offering comprehensive tools for effective billing, sales measurement, and personalized customer service.

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Stock right with accurate tracking of expiry and non-moving items

Meet the statutory, pharmaceutical guidelines and be updated with the market needs

Enjoy uninterrupted medicine billing and automated accounting calculations

Build customer relationships by connecting with your customers regularly

Do you have a large pharmacy shop business?

Need a customer success partner to provide you the right solution, deployment and personalized service?

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Key features of the retail pharmacy billing software

Our pharmacy software offers a range of features to streamline your operations and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Rack and shelf management

Pick the right product from the right place during checkout and serve your customers better and faster with an efficient pharmacy management system.

Rack and Shelf Management

Inventory management

Pharma retail software provides accurate inventory management with expiry control and physical stock auditing to ensure optimum stock availability.

Inventory Management

Automated purchase management

Retail pharmacy software helps you purchase the right products at the right time to avoid out-of-stock situation.

Automated Purchase Management

Expiry management

Pharmacy management software allows you to track medicine expiry by giving regular intimation and to plan purchases accordingly.

Expiry Management

Customer management

Pharmacy software helps you retain customers with timely reminders and loyalty management features.

Customer Management

Pharmacy accounting

Pharmacy software for retail stores offers a comprehensive platform to manage all your accounting needs, including GST accounting and e-filing.

Pharmacy Accounting


Software for pharmacies generates actionable insights with real-time reporting capabilities to help you make informed business decisions.

Rack and Shelf Management
Inventory Management
Automated Purchase Management
Expiry Management
Customer Management
Pharmacy Accounting

Complete control on pharmacy chain stores with our multi-location pharmacy management software

Excess stock transferring between outlets
All drugs from all stores - bulk Generic update from HO
Short expiry from all stores transferred to Warehouse
Transfer all non-moving stock to warehouse
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
Warehouse consolidates indents from all outlets and converts to a single purchase order
POS Software for Retail Chain Pharmacy

Advantages of using Retail Pharmacy POS Software

There are various benefits of using pharmacy management software. By choosing the right pharmacy shop software, retailers can enjoy,

  • Increased sales and consistent business growth with proper rack and shelf management
  • Hassle-free compliance with statutory and industry norms
  • Operational excellence with end-to-end procurement management
  • Track 100% inventory movement and block drugs with shorter expiry during inward and sales
  • Monitor non-moving, aging, margins, and short-expiry with pharmacy management software
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The best pharmacy billing software - Gofrugal

Are you tired of managing your pharmacy's inventory?

Our cutting-edge pharmacy management system empowers pharmacists to efficiently track their inventory movements and expiration dates, all while minimizing the need for extra staff or specialized skills. With Gofrugal, you'll have access to impactful reports that can help you analyze your business's performance and identify areas for growth. But that's not all - our digital solutions cover every aspect of business management, from stock auditing to feedback management and more.

Join the countless other businesses that have already experienced the Gofrugal difference and see what we can do for you!

The best Pharmacy billing software - Gofrugal The best Pharmacy billing software - Gofrugal
Push notification app for retail pharmacy

Do you want to know what drugs are less in stock, customer wise sales/history and discounts? purchase rate discrepancy summary, safety alerts, schedule register and other such important questions in your shop under 10 secs? Ask WhatsNow app

Single or multiple stores, Gofrugal pharmacy shop software is ideal for you

Pharmacy POS

Categorize drugs to their branch of medicine, medicine type and other relevant categories. Make billing easier and accurate

Pharmacy POS

Set commission for Doctors on each medicine prescribed by them. Set commission slabs based on percentage and amount for each drug

Customer wants a cheaper drug or you want to sell substitute drugs in place of another? Relax, our system will recommend you accurate substitutes

Pharmacy POS

Get 50,000+ prefilled drug database. Quickly update the stock with batch, expiry and pricing details and start billing

Maintain records of customers with the regular medicines they buy. Manage their purchase intervals and alert them via SMS to keep them repeatedly purchase from your shop

Pharmacy POS

With minimum & maximum quantity for each drug, automatically get recommended reorder quantity and save time in manual stock taking and reordering

Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS

Want to try Gofrugal's free pharmacy billing software?

Gofrugal serves as the best billing software for pharmacy with features including customer-wise product mapping, purchase rate discrepancy summary, and supplier/manufacturer-wise expiry reports that help retailers manage their pharmacy and healthcare business without any hassle, from anywhere. With Gofrugal's pharmacy management software, it is easy to receive timely re-order alerts, get information on generic names, and substitutes for products instantly, and gain clear visibility on non-moving stocks. You can try Gofrugal's free retail pharmacy software trial now and transform your business digitally.

Trusted by 5000+ pharmacies and chemists globally

To run our 24x7 pharmacy efficiently, we rely on the Gofrugal software. It boasts reliable expiry and batch management features, ensuring our inventory is always fresh. Their WhatsNow mobile app is a valuable tool as well, allowing us to access all sales and profit reports on the go from anywhere.

Proprietor, Go Chemist

Mr. Yash Shah

We chose Gofrugal software to manage our multi-outlet pharmacy business because of its foolproof nature. Since implementing it, we've experienced significant growth and have no doubt that Gofrugal played a key role in our success.

Founder & Chairman, Muthu Group

Mr. E. Gnanam

With 10+ years of using Gofrugal software, managing H1 scheduled drugs is very comfortable for me. And their 24x7 support is very good where we can clarify our doubts and issues any time.

Proprietor, Shines Medicals

Mr. Lakshmanan