Benefits of Optical store POS software

Intelligent BI for product / category wise, non-moving with weekly analysis of sales / profit margins


Business Assistant

Know your top-selling products, and other business updates with instant notifications on your mobile

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Easy operations

Easy operational flow-based functionalities for both hospital attached and unattached opticals for higher flexibility

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Automatic validations

Customers can get automatic suggestions on the suitable lens based on their power reading

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Attractive offers

Gain repeated footfalls with 70+ offers to attract your customers, focussed and customized offer management

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Order management

High visibility to track the customer's order based on the prescription, job order, preparation status and delivery

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Multi chain management

Complete control over multiple chain stores in different locations, automate, gain clarity and take on-time business decisions

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Customer records

Know the customer well, have a complete history of the previous prescription, results etc and provide the best service

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Customize prices depending on your customer with price levels, and protect your margin by automating based on brands

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Do you have a large business ?

Need a customer success partner to provide right solution, deployment and personalised service ?


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All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

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Implement OnPremise ERP inhouse and run the business seamlessly without any dependency on internet. Gofrugal ERP is a go to software that helps in managing daily operations in a streamlined way with high accuracy, and make data-driven decisions with the help of technology.

GoAlerts is the business magnifier...

to pull to your business closer to you

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Complete control on multi-location Optical stores with Optical shop POS software

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty, Gift voucher and discount coupon
Configure outlet specific offers, pricing from HO
Centralized Integrated Accounting
Centralized master data - Quickly go live with new store
Take sales order from HO, approve for specific outlet
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
POS Software for multi fashion store

Best managed Optical shops prefer to grow with Gofrugal POS, Find out why?

It was excruciating to handle inventory with multiple product categories. With Gofrugal's software, it became easy, and we reduced our stock levels by 10% in four to five months.

Poppat Jamals

Saleem Jamaal, Proprietor

With Gofrugal's ERP, managing my multi-store business has become easy. Using centralized data, we can control everything, including barcodes and stock transfer from the warehouse location itself

Surprise Home Linen

Mr. Nirav Meswani, Director

We saw exponential sales growth by 2.5% and increased the bills per day from 40 to 150. We have been offering value-for-money products since 1967, and that's what Gofrugal gave us!

Koushal Cloth Housing

Hemanth, Owner


Single or Multiple stores, Gofrugal Optical POS software is ideal for you

Lifestyle & Fashion POS

Make your customers come back or more with loyalty points based on item age, selling rate and bill value

Give customers a catalog view of the imitation jewellery. Assemble pieces to jewellery sets and fix your margin

Lifestyle & Fashion POS

Categorize your furntiture with all relevant details & empower your sales team to give the best shopping experience to customers

Lifestyle & Fashion POS

Categorize your bags & luggage products as matrix inventory with the size, colour, brand and more. Understand what sells more with unique barcodes

Lifestyle & Fashion POS

Optical sales made easy with doctor prescription, left and right eye power details, doctor commission and customer details captured right in the bill screen

Which A.R.Rahman albums do you have? Get answer by quickly filtering your inventory with Artist name, music genre, singer name and more

Lifestyle & Fashion POS

Let new parents enjoy their shopping of clothing, sanitary, toys and more for their babies and kids, filtered by childs age and month

Lifestyle & Fashion POS
Lifestyle & Fashion POS
Lifestyle & Fashion POS
Lifestyle & Fashion POS
Lifestyle & Fashion POS
Lifestyle & Fashion POS
Lifestyle & Fashion POS
E commerce integration for optical store

Integrate POS with your

E-commerce Business

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Best Optical shop billing software intertwined with Billing, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Accounting, and Reports. Optical retail shop software provides complete control over your business from purchase to sales and helps in delivering the best to your customers. Optical shop management software provides an enhanced and smooth shopping experience to delight your customer. Download 30-day free trial software and experience it.

Overview of Optical shop POS software

What is Optical shop software?

An Optical shop software helps you be the most preferred optical store by customers by providing the best customer service with 100% satisfaction. You can be the most convenient store by making loyal customers, who prefer the same store for generations when you gain their trust and offer the best products. With easy-to-use features, you can take complete control over all the business activities from the placing of sales orders by the customer, to delivery of the product. It helps you offer a personalized customer experience with lens management, power management, prescriptions, etc, win the customers and serve better based on their needs. You can also have good visibility over the customer's data, visits, history of their treatment, including the results and records of the tests, and stay more connected.

Why do Opticals need an Optical shop POS software?

An Optical shop management software helps the Optical stores manage their business in a precise way with high accuracy in all the business operations. It helps the stores manage the customer data well, and stay connected with the customer by managing the prescription, power, lens, case history, etc. With a good sales order system, it is easier to track and take control of all the orders placed by the customers and manage the advance amounts. Customers can also share the feedback based on the service offered by the store, which helps in continuous development and helps the Optical stores know their customer expectations and grow the business.

What are the benefits of using an Optical shop billing software?

There are various benefits that can be achieved when you use the best Optical store software for enhancing your business. An Optical software helps,

  • Automatically suggest the selection of the lens based on the reading of the customer and save time
  • Suggest and validate the product delivery date based on the orders preparation status and the minimum time required
  • Complete visibility and tracking across all the locations and stages of product preparation like job work, grinding, fitting, and billing
  • Instant, error-free, and automatic validation of the advance amount collected paid the sales order makes the billing simple and fast
  • Tracking of the sales order at the counter level, and operator wise to ease the schedule and planning of the product procurement
  • Facility to add the images of the frames, lens, and other products by adding the images for easy identification and explanation to the customers

How to choose the right POS software for Retail Optical shops?

Look for these before choosing the right optical retail shop software for your retail Optical shop.

  • Support to multiple locations, integrated tracking from ordering to product delivery
  • Matrix item that supports different product combinations, brands and smoothens the billing
  • Functionalities to manage the operational flow of both optical with a hospital attached as well as standalone retail opticals
  • Customer health record management, CRM and, loyalty management with a good track over the customer details to stay more connected and enhance repeated footfalls
  • Multichain management to enhance and ease the operations and take control over the chain stores and expand continuously

Why is Gofrugal the best Optical shop management software?

Gofrugal is the best Optical shop management software and has served a variety of customers ranging from single-store retail Opticals to multi-chain Optical businesses. The precision involved in producing the lens is highly essential, as even a small change might affect the customer, as well as brings a great impact on consumer satisfaction. Hence, Gofrugal has made automation to ease the business operations as well as offered structured validations to guarantee an error-free process. Being the customer's favorite in the Optical business, Gofrugal has made sure that each and every feature in the Optical shop billing software is customized and adds value to improve consumer satisfaction and thereby helping in scaling up the business. From making a sales order based on the prescription, procurement with a job order, preparation of the product, and delivery, Gofrugal optical software helps to track every step and adds clarity in every operation. Gofrugal has automated the management of the expired lens and provides the facilities to track similar data, which can be used to send notifications to customers and remind them, at the same time building a personal relationship with the customers and improving the retention rates.

How to download free Optical shop billing software from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's Optical shop software by clicking below.

Optical shop software free download