What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?

CRM (Customer relationship management) software helps companies to build and maintain long-lasting business relationships with customers. CRM application is designed specifically for retail, restaurant and distribution businesses to market objectively and sell strategically. CRM applications improve customer interactions, deliver customer satisfaction and maintain effective relationships with customers

CRM software

Why do businesses need
Customer relationship management (CRM) System?

CRM applications streamline the management of customer information effectively. Without a CRM solution, businesses fail in interacting efficiently with customers. A CRM tools is essential to identify potential customers, to prioritize special customers to make them feel unique, to keep in touch with your customers using SMS, to track your customers' journey and provide what your customers need. The CRM system in ERP software aids you to improve the business performance from faster sales checkouts and wiser purchase management, spend efficiently on promotions on your inventory knowing what your customers like and don't like and see a larger return on investment.

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Which businesses use CRM software?

CRM applications are essential in all businesses dealing with customers. CRM software can aid any business irrespective of it's size. The CRM tools are vital for small businesses and large enterprises, equally, based on their needs and enabling them to be future ready. The POS and and customer relationship management tools are used among the retailers across all the businesses like supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies, electronic stores, apparel shops, and fashion showrooms. Similarly, in the restaurant industry the CRM system is used in bakeries, bars, quick service restaurants, delivery and take away to stay connected to their customers about their special menu, offers and intimate about happy hour sales. The CRM software in commonly used among all the distributors to importantly manage outstanding of their customers and manage customer orders by serving the best experience.

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Benefits of using a CRM System?

Every business can function wisely only if it understands the needs of its audience. In such a way here are the key benefits of a CRM system to function wise in the market

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Increase your customers purchasing capacity and manage your business with minimum investments

Know your customers purchase behavior and stock the right items not to lose out an order and save investments

Improve your relationship with your customers so that they talk about you to cut your marketing

Receive and manage all your customers feedback on time with a CRM system to improve your customers journey

Deliver the best experience and satisfaction to your customers to retain them

Segment your customers to different profiles based on their purchase history and run offers to increase their basket value

Understand your customers well in your city by tracking their purchases based on seasons and serve them with what they need and like to be their favorite store

CRM software free download

Key features of a
Customer management system

  • Know your customers visiting your store well with Free CRM software

  • Do not be worried about your receivables from your customers with Customer Management software

  • Communicate with Instant alert SMS to your customers

  • Make the best by offering your customers an extra mile delivery

  • Make your customers basket large and valuable

What are the types of CRM?

Retailers should select the CRM based on their requirements from the three types of CRM - Collaborative CRM, Operational CRM and Analytical CRM

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM is the medium that helps retailers in collating centralized real-time data from multiple channels like marketplaces and e-commerce platforms that host their customers. Collaborative CRM helps retailers to stay at the top of the game by overcoming challenges like decentralized customer data of different outlets, disorganized internal communication of customer data, and ineffective, uniform prospecting-pitch to a multitude of customer categories.

Operational CRM

Operational CRM keeps track of the customer's record from being a window shopper to becoming a customer. Operational CRM empowers customer interactions throughout the customer's journey from the store's discoverability to the last mile delivery, with automation. Operational CRM is a superset of the Collaborative CRM with the additional capacities to automate marketing and service communication, lowering the investment and resource requirements.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM analyses seasonal inclinations, shifts in the purchase patterns, infers margins and thus strategizes blueprints to strengthen the sales of a business. Analytical CRM is valuable to businesses that have a bounty of data on which the CRM can draw results for strategies and action plans. These results will help in meeting trending customer demands, and thereby raising repeated footfalls to your outlets with low investments.

How to choose right CRM Software for your business?

With 'n' number of free CRM software in the market it is important to look out for these to grow your business with minimum effort

Enables you to maintain entire data of your customers and maintain a healthy relationship with them

Lets you connect with your customers with personalized messages on important dates to make them feel unique

Gives the freedom to your customers to take credit to increase your sales and manage the receivables on time to make you successful

Helps you run offers to be the favorite store in your city

Helps you be omni-channel to offer convenience to your customers by taking your store online

Helps you run loyalty programs to increase your customer retention

Aids you to track and manage your customers feedback

Helps you save your investment with maintaining the right inventory and not losing a single order

Lets you make timely decisions on your business with insightful reports on your business

Save your time and efforts with a system open to third party integrations for loyalty, accounting and major e-commerce websites

Why choose Gofrugal's CRM software?

Gofrugal CRM software helps you overcome the challenge of huge competition in the market and helps you serve the best to your customers and run your business efficiently with minimal skills and staff. Gofrugal CRM software lets you engage with your customers constantly and satisfy their needs by taking timely business decisions.

How to download free CRM software from Gofrugal?

You can download and experience the free CRM software with a 30-day trial using this link

How CRM software helps businesses in India?

A business grows or expands only when the relationship between an organization and the customer grows and also when the customer base of the business grows. In such a case a CRM system helps you collect, store and manage all your customer data by streamlining your business and building a healthy relationship with your customers letting you be in touch with your customers and serving their needs. And also importantly the CRM software allows you to attract more number of customers and constantly increase your customer footfall resulting in increased sales and customer retention.

Overview of CRM software

How to implement a CRM software?

There are two ways of implementing a CRM tool. One is where the CRM is part of your POS system and the other is where a separate CRM tool is integrated with the POS system. Another tedious way of Customer Relationship Management is to develop a CRM tool from scratch and that requires investment, collaboration, follow-ups every time there is an issue and unattended support service. But with Gofrugal's ERP, accessing your CRM tool is a cakewalk as the ERP has a powerful in-built CRM and also offers seamless integration to any software.

How does Customer Relationship Management software help your industry?

A CRM application is mandatory, irrespective of the size of the retail business. The size and nature of the business determine only the type of CRM that the business needs.

Here's why: Customer acquisition builds your business, while customer retention sustains it. To make a marketing investment, every time to acquire fresh footfalls would be futile in terms of resources and capital as the ROI of these marketing investments is very less. Analysing the ROI is nearly impossible without a CRM. A CRM can track your margins to the decimals, be it the first-time-footfalls or re-engagements, from online or offline marketing, via coupon codes or loyalty points. From detecting the mode of entry of the customers, to collecting customer contacts at billing, the CRM leverages every bit of having the customer shop from the store. With the customer data saved to CRM, further re-engagements do not cost you repeated marketing investments.

A powerful CRM centralizes the database of your customers from omnichannel platforms. This raises your profit margins.

Here's how: Customers can reach you from a marketplace, your own e-commerce platform, third-party e-commerce platforms, phone calls, etc. CRMs like that of Gofrugal collects customer data in a centralized database, lowering the cost of maintaining individual databases. Not only that, with the centralized customer data from multiple platforms, the CRM gives you the power to redirect your customers to the platforms where you decide the margins, for re-engagements. Now that you have them, the CRM's features like loyalty, gift vouchers, and personalized alerts make the customers to shop more. 60% of the customers that avail loyalty, refer the store to their friends and family. And gift vouchers are an easy yet bankable way to gladden customers. So the CRM has saved you database maintenance costs, raised your margins, and retained your customers.

Thus, CRM tools reduce the cumulative cost of customer acquisition, simplify re-engagements, increase customer satisfaction and establish the customer base for your brand.

How to use CRM software effectively?

Capture every customer's data! Ensure that the CRM hosts the complete data of your customers, collated from all platforms on your omnichannel CRM. Mandate collecting data like mobile number, and address with OTP verification at the billing counter.

Customize and personalize! The transparency that a printed bill with your brand's name, the MRP, and the slashed price on it strengthens the user's trust. You can customize your customer's experience, and personalize it with digital invoices, and even promotions.

Integrate and automate! Retail businesses can benefit from the CRM to the fullest only if the CRM is integrated with all the selling platforms of the business. This integration augments your CRM feed, and now you are all good to automate cross-product and same-product offers, loyalty points addition and redemption, and alerts to your customers.

Analyse periodically! CRM tools can categorize the best-performing customers and lost customers. Put your CRM's data pile into analysis with the reports to understand setbacks, retrospect and improvise. Save your report filters and set reminders for daily, weekly, or monthly alerts.

Communicate contextually! Powerful CRM applications communicate with the customer at the right time to prevent the relationship from rupturing. Collects feedback and understands your customers' emotions to serve them with targeted offers and personalized promotions! Alerts the customer with prior notifications to make it conveniently accessible.

What is the future of CRM software?

CRM tools have come a long way from being a mere tool for organizing customer data, to being a tool for analysing customers' shopping patterns and detecting trends. Assuring a promising future, AI and Ml are taking businesses by storm, from content creation to medical surgeries. Conforming to the aspirations of AI and ML, the future of CRM is the hyper-personalization of customer experience. Analysing customer behaviour facilitates forecasting customer expectations and, thus, setting up a data-driven customer-serving model. Retail business that uses an omnichannel CRM to centralize customer data is accelerating their headway, with technology! And so could you, with a potent, multifaceted CRM like Gofrugal's.