Reliable Retail ERP with enhanced features, tailor-made for your business!

Deep dive into the interesting roundup of all the Retail features that you should know to run your business efficiently and maximize success rate.


  • Fast Billing
  • Inventory
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM and Loyalty
  • Supply chain Management
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Purchase and Reorder
  • Security
  • Cloud POS
  • Barcode Generation
  • Integrations
  • Business Boosters

Uninterrupted fast billing

Be your customer's first choice by making them happier with super fast checkout experience

Peak hour sales, festival season crowd needs no extra hands and efforts. Gofrugal GoBill mobile application helps you bill on the go from anywhere in the shop

Enjoy the independence to design and print barcode labels by printing purchase price with barcode sticker as alphanumeric

Exchange old for new, manage different prices for same item, customize tax options i.e. TAX on MRP/selling rate with the integrated GST software and manage everything in a single dashboard

Migrate from your existing solution with no downtime and start billing with minimal training

Keep the money coming in, with the best Inventory management software!

Balance your inventory with optimum stocks available anytime to offer a smooth and seamless customer experience

Streamline your operations right from purchase to sales with a real-time demand forecasting system for accurate stock replenishment

Manage end-to-end omnichannel inventory with automation to shoot up customer lifetime value, and improve inventory turnovers

Take control of every business operation across your supply chain from wherever you are with robust insights from our digital solutions

Take control of every business operation across your supply chain from wherever you are with robust insights from our digital solutions

Make quicker decisions and increase your business performance with POS BI reports!

Get real-time insights into your inventory to make accurate purchase decisions

Carry your business anywhere in your pocket and access your reports within ten seconds using the WhatsNow app, which acts as your personal business assistant

Update your suppliers, stakeholders, and internal decision-makers about the day-to-day performance/critical weekly reviews consistently using the automatic mail scheduler function

Experience peace of mind with user-based access security to your reports to ensure only the right people have access to the right reports

Explore Gofrugal's GoAct and get your one-stop solution for data repository to make faster decisions

Let your customers keep shopping with you using powerful CRM and Loyalty management software!

Bundled CRM and Loyalty helping you to pull new shoppers and keep them coming back to your store with enticing offers

Reduce the marketing costs of your store by knowing your customers, grouping them on their nature and constant engagement through personalized SMS, wishes, and offer communications, for healthy customer relationships

Bring back your lost customers, convert non-buyers to buyers, increase the cart value of your customers and keep nudging your customers to purchase

Repeat your customers and new buyers to your store with loyalty programs based on points or amounts with membership cards for your customers. Get the power to monitor, control and protect your margins while running offers by deciding your equivalent redemption value and offering gift vouchers

Multiple store management made easy with Supply chain management software!

Reduce the cost of doing business by gaining control of supplies of all your stores from a central location to grow

Induce visibility by viewing the consolidated inventory of all your outlets and raising a single Purchase order. Also, automate your re-ordering of products across all your stores to never go out of stock and miss out on a sale

Make your stores look like a sea of products with 100% inventory using auto-replenishment linking across multiple warehouses of your business to also reduce the cost of transportation

Protect your investments in non-moving products at a store by transferring the products to the store the product performs well. Audit products with ease using Supply chain software to identify slow-moving products and run clearance sales

Integrated Accounting GST software

Eliminate the need to have a separate accounting software and double work to be done for posting entry in accounts

Real time accounts posting of purchases, sales, returns, stock value etc. from POS to get immediate reflection in day book, ledgers, registers and trial balance reports

Easy generation of financial statements like Trading account, Profit and Loss account, Balance Sheet, Cash flow and Fund flow

Get accurate status on cash and bank balance using Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS). file GST/VAT/TDS/TCS without any extra effort by generating statutory reports

Multiple voucher entry transactions for journals, contra, receipts, payments etc. suitable for both accounting and non-accounting users

Purchase and re-order

Procure right products at right time with right price from right place

AI driven autonomous purchase solution to reduce the load on your purchase team. Run 5 stores with cost of 4 with auto-pilot re-ordering

Procure based on customer needs and not supplier recommendations, fix pricing based on accurate GMROI calculation and margin from previous purchases

Operate entire source to pay cycle with minimum staff and least skills with 3-way auto reconciliation (PO vs GIN vs GRN) and price approvals

ERP with reliable Security

Secure your ERP data from external and internal threats right from logging in till log out

Multiple levels of security with an option to set password for product screens as well to each individual operation

Role-based hierarchical access to different users like cashiers, supervisors, managers, and administrators can be configured

Ensure business continuity even during system crashes, hardware damage, or natural calamities by data backup in the cloud as well as in local storage and retrieve data from backup in a matter of an hour

Be it anywhere, run your business from there with Gofrugal's Cloud POS!

Grab the freedom to enjoy real-time data, faster decision making and visibility on the entire chain

Enjoy seamless integration for all operations in the business radius, including order taking, delivery, billing, and a personal business assistant

Experience centralized command across branches with unified master data for multi-outlet stores, which helps you scale business with confidence

Get uncompromising security with the Cloud POS built following the OWASP guidelines, VAPT certified, and features such as user-level access control and restricted configuration access

Receive unfailing real-time data updates with Gofrugal's Cloud POS that makes anywhere, anytime access possible

Enjoy hassle-free checkouts with the best Barcode generation software!

Gain accuracy and control across operations. Never miss to enhance the customer shopping experience.

Offer a frictionless shopping experience to your customers with accurate, efficient, and hassle-free checkouts and be their favorite store always

Drive more sales by offering smart shopping tools for a smooth experience to both employees and customers by designing your own barcode with a variety of customizations available based on the needs

Start enjoying peace of mind with absolute monitoring with barcodes, leaving no room for loss in your business

Try Gofrugal's Barcode generation software and guarantee error-free checkouts with minimum skills!

Integrate your business smoothly with the right technology

Start to experience highly harmonized operations that help you keep winning when you have the right tool in hand. Provide better employee and customer satisfaction, and offer the best service by integrating with the tool you wish you had to boost your business. Gofrugal supports diverse integrations including ONDC , e-commerce, connected banking, payments, loyalty, accounting, ERP-based integrations, and many more.

Business boosters for you to quickly invest based on the need of the hour!

Ensure a smooth rise to the top by adopting to the emerging new strategies and changes in business with the right business boosters and addons readily available! Check, compare and choose the right add on for you, to constantly increase your compound growth!