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Why gofrugalwhy gofrugal

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Delight customers

Moving them from transactional to experiential shopping
  • Frictionless experience from order to delivery
  • Go omnichannel, least cost to acquire customer with ONDC network
  • Empower staff to work smarter, and serve customers better. Serve customers in-store, online and mobile app
  • Engage with customers through Exclusife CRM
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Why gofrugal

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Manage efficiently

Transform digitally for improved profitability, productivity and lowest total cost-of-ownership

Stock auditing

  • Add mobility with apps for billing, ordering, delivery, price-check, reports, KOT, and feedback
  • Complete control of inventory with apps for stock-taking, inwarding (GRN), stock picking, and refilling
  • On-boarding simplified with practice mode for staff training
  • Implementation within a few hours to a day or two. Guaranteed data security with real-time cloud data backup and hassle-free restoration.
  • Additional layer of security with Smart Auth, no need of biometric devices
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Connect and Collaborate

Ensure operational excellence, and consistent customer experience across outlets
  • Easy POS / ERP integrations, open APIs and Gofrugal developer platform to implement ideas faster into production
  • Choice of multiple integrations from marketplace, payments, loyalty, banking and much more
  • Hybrid secured architecture, centralized data management
  • Agility in adapting to external changes with one click updates
  • Hassle free compliance, accurate reports for easy GST returns filing, e-invoicing, e-way billing
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Why gofrugal

Timely decisions on the move

Data driven decisions, Faster Inventory turns, Greater Profits
  • Smarter products with IoT, AI, ML and NLP
  • Configure and get instantly notified about every aspect of business operations
  • Effortless access to real-time customized smart-reports
  • Converse with your business from wherever you are
  • Run 5 stores at the cost of 4 with - The Eye
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Why gofrugal

Profit ₹24,18,36,86

Sales order ₹4,36,78,2783

This month sales ₹4,56,320.00

24x7 Responsive Assure Care

IoT & AI for personalised service
  • Freedom of support channel: self-service, chat or voice support
  • Thousands of self-help / DIY videos, online training, webinars
  • Get support from anywhere anytime with MyGofrugal
  • App Rate and provide feedback to provide better experience
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Why gofrugal Why gofrugal

Hi! Is there any self help video available to understand Purchase and Reorder

Welcome to Gofrugal! Yes it is available in our YouTube channel

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