Benefits of Beauty Parlour, SPA & Salon POS software


Increase Revenue Opportunities

Special offers, Promotional schemes, Customer detail management with family member records


Profit with More Walk-in

Membership management - Provision for family memberships with special rates


Save Time, Earn More

Scheduling appointments, mapping the employees with created appointments and perfect planning.


Smart Employees, Great Service

Employee Vs Services mapping, efficient utilisation and Incentives for star performers


Monitor Business Performance

Smart Reports and WhatsNow mobile app to access store data Anywhere, Anytime


Know Your Customer

Perfect CRM to record your customer needs for targeted business and consultative approach


Know What You Spend

Service vs consumable mapping with intelligent insights on service operations by employees


Easy and Flexible Appointments

Manage appointments - Schedule, postpone and also cancel them with reason tracking.


All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

Restaurant on desktop Screen

Implement OnPremise ERP inhouse and run the business seamlessly without any dependency on internet. Gofrugal ERP is a go to software that helps in managing daily operations in a streamlined way with high accuracy, and make data-driven decisions with the help of technology.

Why Gofrugal POS software is the perfect solution for your Multi-location Spa and Salon

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty with OTP, Gift voucher and discount coupon
No loss due to lack of employee. Look up other outlet availability and win every time
Configure outlet specific offers, festive season pricing from HO itself
Consolidated reports - overall inventory value, age, margins and more
Centralized Master data and Integrated accounting
POS software for multi salon shops

Gofrugal enabled me to save my time with appointments and membership management and helped to focus more on my customer satisfaction. Unlike other businesses, Spa and Salon needs more perfection for survival. No doubt, I have chosen the perfect software.

Mr. Deepakh

- Strands Lounge, Chennai

Salon and Beauty Parlour software for your business that makes your daily business operation easy and maximizes profits. It helps to grow each and every aspect of the business with features schedule appointment booking, billing, client management, and promotional schemes. Download Salon management system with a 30-day free trial.

Overview of Salon billing software

What is Salon software?

Salon software helps salons enhance their business with minimal staff and run their operations effectively by automation. With Salon software, the salons can scale up their business with complete customer management, and drive more profits by exciting the customers with personalized offers and discounts. It is possible to attract more customers with individual and family-based membership cards and build good relationships with the customers. You can cheer up your customers with a Happy hour offer, coupons, combos (haircut + facial), and many more. With Salon POS software, it is easy to track the employee's performance and motivate them to serve more productively by encouraging them with performance-based incentives.

Why does Salon, Spa need a POS System?

Spa and Salon software helps the stores,

  • Manage the business well without dependency by knowing the business insights from anywhere
  • Make more business by encouraging the employee's work more efficiently by providing them incentives and start performers badges to motivate them
  • Have good visibility over the consumables and the service offered to have good control over the business
  • Get repeated footfalls by offering discounts, loyalty, and promotions by delighting your customers
  • Save customers time and offer great flexibility in all the services provided with pre-booking options so that the appointments can be scheduled

What are the benefits of using a Salon POS software?

There are various benefits the store can enjoy when they use Salon POS software.

  • CRM and loyalty management tools to drive more business by attracting more customers and be their top priority always
  • Plan and execute the business by understanding the revenue-boosting opportunities by understanding the performance
  • Offer a great consultative approach by knowing the target audience well
  • Drive more customers with effective use of membership management
  • Provide incentives to your employees by knowing the best performer and encourage them
  • Know the expenses well by mapping the service vs consumables and get complete control on what you spend

How to choose the right Beauty Salon Spa software?

It is highly important that you look out for the customized features of the business and common functionalities before purchasing a Spa POS software. Some of the essentials that boost the business includes,

  • Appointment scheduling features that allow the customers pre-book or schedule an appointment with their favourite stylist
  • Employee wise dashboard that helps in proper planning and utilization of resources
  • Membership cards, to offer special discounts for an individual or a family and increase the customer retention rates
  • Map the employee with the service they provide, monitor and encourage them with incentives and badges
  • Monitor the business performance and take control of your business from anywhere from your mobile

Why is Gofrugal the best Salon management software in India?

Gofrugal Spa POS software helps you streamline your business operations with exclusive and customized features to run the business smoothly, effectively and increase customer satisfaction. With Gofrugal's Salon billing software, it is possible to track the business from anywhere without any dependency and run the business with high employee productivity. Gofrugal offers you the possibility to simplify all the business operations like schedules, appointment fixing, and pre-booking to work smarter, and serve customers better.

How to download free Salon software from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's Salon POS system by clicking below.

Salon software management system free download