Powerful Restaurant Delivery management software for exceptional customer experience

Experience Faster and Efficient Deliveries. Enjoy better profit margins!

Why GoDeliver?

Smarter system

Live ETAs

Live location sharing

Faster deliveries

Route Optimisation

Greater profits

Cost optimisation on logistics and Manpower

Consistently rated as the best app for Delivery management

What do you get from GoDeliver?

30% more faster deliveries

Ensure and execute faster deliveries to your customers with optimum route navigation in the delivery management app

50% more efficient

Enhance efficiency in upwards of 50% over the manual delivery process with a free delivery management software

70% savings in resources

Save your money, time, efforts and labour with an easy to use, transparent and automated delivery management platform in-built with ERP software

100% delivery automation

Eliminate complex processes like manual entries in the delivery book, delivery assigning, following up, accounting, and reporting with a robust delivery management

Fool proof system

Gain complete control over your delivery staff with real time movement tracking and get on the spot delivery confirmation

15% increase in no. of deliveries

Increase your delivery radius, reach more customers, and process more deliveries with your own delivery management solution

Avoid third-party platforms

Grow your margins by delivering independently with your own delivery management solution along with enhancing customer experience

Deliver delight and Retain Customers

Delight customers with a real-time delivery status SMS update through your delivery tracking app

What do you get from GoDeliver?

5 reasons to have a delivery management app for your business

Single click assigning process

To streamline your restaurant home deliveries with 100% automation

Optimum route navigation

To perform faster home deliveries and deliver delight to your customers

Convenient rescheduling or cancelling

To perform deliveries with minimal labourers

Effortless delivery return

To have complete control over the delivery executive's location and on-time delivery

Consolidated delivery reports

To track the status of each delivery and avoid customer follow-ups

Importance of delivery management app for the restaurant businesses after Pandemic

  • Managing restaurant customer door deliveries manually is laborious and time-consuming with chances of human errors and losing customers. On the other hand choosing a delivery partner means losing a big share of profit besides losing customer touch points and loyalty.

    Gofrugal's GoDeliver helps restaurant owners with an omnichannel delivery management platform which saves lots of manual efforts and costs thereby helping to

    - Enable Zero Contact delivery

    - Execute safer and faster deliveries

    - Retain existing customers, and expand your delivery radius and make more business

    - Manage many orders and not lose any sales

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