Discover Gofrugal's Assured Return Partners Program (ARPP)

Effortless collaboration defines our ARPP. Tailored support empowers your journey, unlocking growth and assured returns. Join for consistent, long-term, and streamlined success.

Turn into a Gofrugal POS reseller

What you get to enjoy as a Gofrugal partner?

Learning investment - lifelong returns

Our suite of products spans 70+ business verticals, serving the ever-expanding retail landscape. When you join us, your interest in investing in learning gets lifelong returns as dividends.

Your growth, unhindered

We steer clear of employing or appointing your ex-employees as your Channel Competitors. As customer demands evolve, your market presence remains unshaken by external factors.

Zero lead conflict policy

In the spirit of collaboration, our direct sales force joins hands with you to close deals, fostering synergy. Our CRM system ensures partners never compete on price, ensuring a harmonious ecosystem.

Nurture and network

Nurture connections with top-tier solution providers who adapt alongside shifting market landscapes. Our Assured Return Partners Program gathers visionary consultants under one roof, creating an ecosystem primed for growth.

Choose your journey with Gofrugal

Choose the partner program that best suits you. We'll be right there by your side, supporting your growth as you soar to new heights.

Solution Partner Program

Open your gateway to delivering comprehensive value. Build tailored solutions using cutting-edge technology and gain a competitive edge. Collaborate with us to shape industries and drive innovation.

Sales Partner Program

Access powerful tools and resources to drive revenue while helping clients achieve success. Leverage your sales expertise to thrive in a collaborative and rewarding partnership.

Referral Partner Program

Join this program to monetize your network effortlessly. Earn while you connect friends and colleagues with innovative solutions. Spot the opportunity and help us take the lead.

Know how to become a POS seller
Solution Partner
Identify & Implement
Sales Partner
Identify & Install
Referral Partner
Just Identify
Spot Opportunity
Demo & Solutioning
Sales Closure
Installation & Activation
Product Delivery
Assure 24x7 Support

Know how to become a POS seller

Spot Opportunity

Demo & Solutioning

Sales Closure

Installation & Activation

Product Delivery

Assure 24x7 Support

Solution partnerIdentify & Implement
Sales partnerIdentify & Install
Referral partnerJust Identify

Pick your path with Gofrugal engagement

Tailor your journey to profitability by selecting your path based on your market reach, solutions approach, and delivery capabilities.

Gofrugal Investments for Partner Development

Partner Revenue

Partner Profit

0 Day

Invest in learning, poised to seize opportunities collaboratively

45-90 Days

Identify prospects, collaborate for successful closures.

91-135 days

Empower yourself for independent deal closures.

136-180 days

Identify, propose solutions, and achieve results autonomously (Gofrugal team available for support as needed).

Learning management for partners

A comprehensive ecosystem to learn, excel, and lead in your market.

Collaborative learning at its best

Join a dynamic community where knowledge is shared, questions are answered, and growth is a collective journey.

Empowering demos with the myShowcase app

myShowcase app aids impactful customer demos with vertical-specific data and solutions' values.

Personalized learning pathways

Tailored learning paths ensure timely knowledge that directly fuels your unique success.

Streamlined certification journeys

Efficient learning, comprehension, and growth are seamlessly integrated into every step with our automated courses.

Staying ahead with the latest versions

Stay ahead with the freshest features and improvements for a clear edge in a fast-evolving market.

Bite-sized and engaging

Effortlessly learn with short, five-minute courses anytime, anywhere.

myguru application

Get your business's ultimate mobile companion Gofrugal's myDelight app

An all-in-one solution that empowers you to effortlessly handle every aspect of your business journey, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Complete business control

Elevate your partnership with myDelight by streamlining team management and strategic planning under one digital roof. No more toggling between tools; myDelight simplifies it all.

Elevate customer experiences

Transform customer interactions. Each salesperson enjoys a personalized profile, enabling appointment settings, reminders, and tailor-made service that resonates.

Automated efficiency

Bid farewell to manual errors. myDelight automates sales tasks, freeing your team to focus on what truly matters: building strong customer relationships.

Shared responsibility

myDelight ensures your business journey remains intact, even with team changes. The whole organization becomes a custodian of your success.

mydelight mobile application

Key features of myDelight

Effortless appointments

Seamlessly schedule customer meetings, prioritizing engagement for memorable experiences.

Timely reminders

Stay on top of commitments with in-app reminders, enhancing proactive customer communication.

Rich customer insights

Explore comprehensive customer histories to enable tailored and exceptional services.

Work on the go

Break free from the desk. Access vital information and tools anytime, anywhere.

mydelight mobile application features

Hear from our resellers' experiences

Partnering with Gofrugal empowers us with unwavering confidence. Their robust product, exceptional support, and expert training are invaluable for our success in the market. What truly sets Gofrugal apart is their learning management system, offering in-depth training from product experts and certifications.

GoDelight Technologies, Mumbai

Mr. Lodhiya Hirenkumar

Gofrugal's extensive product offering perfectly caters to diverse businesses. Their responsive team, valuable support, and customer-happiness approach make them our preferred partner. Gofrugal has undeniably instilled confidence in customers, making it a valuable product that significantly eases our task of connecting with our target audience.

Total Solutions, Kenya

Mr. Lalith Kumar

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Overview of Gofrugal's POS Reseller Program

What is the Gofrugal POS Reseller Program?

Gofrugal's POS reseller program lets you become part of Gofrugal's nurturing and rewarding Assured Return Partners Program (ARPP). By joining this program, you can help identify aspiring businesses and assist them with adopting Gofrugal's digital solutions for their business.

How can I become a POS software reseller with Gofrugal?

Gofrugal's POS referral program is very simple to join. All you need to do is check the different programs - Referral partner, Sales partner, Solution partner, choose which one suits you the best, and register through the link below. Our team will help you move the partnership forward.

Join Gofrugal's partner program

Why should I join Gofrugal as a partner?

Gofrugal's Partner Program has exclusive benefits that help you with long-term success. Consider the following benefits:

  • Our direct sales force collaborates with partners to close deals, promoting cooperation over competition.
  • Our CRM system prevents price-based competition among partners, fostering a harmonious environment.
  • Our Assured Return Partner Program creates a growth-focused ecosystem.
  • Your market presence remains strong and unaffected by external factors, ensuring unhindered growth.

Why choose Gofrugal as your POS system reseller partner over others?

Gofrugal's partner program differs from other partner programs as:

  • It focuses on empowering you for long-term success and profit. We believe in making you equipped to help businesses in the market for long-term success.
  • It helps you approach prospects, businesses, and deals with a solution-oriented, consultative approach and not just with a selling mindset which helps you establish long-term relationship with such businesses.
  • Rooted in transparency for clear communication and understanding.
  • Leveraging digital tools for efficient and seamless partner collaboration.

What support and resources does Gofrugal offer to its point of sale resellers?

Gofrugal offers comprehensive support to its partners. Since, Gofrugal views this as a long-term partnership, we ensure every partner gets trained and is confident with Gofrugal products.

We offer a complementary mobile app that helps you track all your appointments, customer details, tickets, and everything else in one place.

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